Total Curve Breast Enhancement

Total Curve Natural Breast Enhancement SystemSome breast enhancement methods involve pumps that secure onto your breasts for months at a time. Other choices include cushioned bras that don’t boost your breasts at all. Then of course, there is the infamous breast augmentation surgery, in which a cosmetic surgeon slices open your breasts to place silicone implants that will ultimately require to be changed and require prolonged and expensive repeat surgeries. We at Total Curve would rather offer you natural and stunning breasts without knives or clamps. Whatever you need to grow your breasts, with Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement System comes from your body itself. We explain below how this therapy works.

The size and shape of your breasts is largely determined by the levels of estrogen in your body. Because of this, your first step in the breast enhancement process with Total Curve is the Total Curve Supplement pill, which includes a number of Phytoestrogens that help increase your breast size. Phytoestrogens are substances found in certain specific plants/herbs. Phytoestrogens are similar in structure to estrogen and can imitate the action of estrogen. Thereby, phytoestrogens contribute to the development of female breasts in the same way as estrogen does when girls go through puberty. The supplement pill, in addition, contains other herbal ingredients, anti-oxidants and nutrients that contribute to general breast health while minimizing signs of PMS, menopause, vaginal dryness and reduced libido. The recommended dosage is one pill twice daily.

The 2nd step in enhancing your breasts with Total Curve is the Lifting and Firming Gel, which you apply to your breasts two times every day, which creates a unique cell-pumping effect. Volufiline, a proprietary Total Curve Ingredient, clinically shown grow the fatty cells in breast tissue, is the special ingredient here. Volufiline includes sarsasapogenin, which promotes lipogenesis and thereby stimulates the fatty cells in your breasts to grow in volume and quantity.

Here’s a little more detail about Volufiline. Scientific tests have actually revealed incredible capacity of this stimulator to grow breast tissue. In two studies, of two groups of ladies between the ages of 18 and 35, who were not pregnant or breastfeeding and who maintained a steady weight for three months, the women applied Volufiline to one breast, twice daily. Thereafter, the researchers measured the outcomes on days 28 and 56 of the study. The breasts treated with Volufiline were found to have increased in size by 6.6% on day 28 and 8.4 % on day 56. That was obviously without the scarring, pain and side effects related to other breast augmentation proceedures.

The third step in your breast enhancement program is the Total Curve Workout Program. Of course, exercise by itself cannot actually increase the size of your breasts. It does, howevr, tone the muscles that support your breasts. This enhances the lift and tone of your breasts, to make them more attractive and sexier. The program provides instructions for all the exercises, which are quickly and easily performed. They are simple to include into your daily routine, and simple to carry out even for newbies.

With these 3 steps, of the daily supplement containing phytoestrogens, the Volufiline-formulated activator gel and the special exercise program, Total Curve provides you the most safe, healthy and reliable natural breast enhancement available. With this program of breast enhancement Therapy, you will develop stunning and sexy breasts that will have men gazing at you as you pass by. This is our warranty.